WaterCAN’s Dr. Ferrial Adam Honored with Daily Maverick Environmental Champ of the Year 2023

WaterCAN’s Dr. Ferrial Adam Honored with Daily Maverick Environmental Champ of the Year 2023

Championing Environmental Justice: Dr. Ferrial Adam’s Award Reflects WaterCAN’s Impactful Initiatives in 2023.

Image: WaterCAN

WaterCAN proudly announces that Dr. Ferrial Adam, leading the WaterCAN initiative for the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA), has been awarded the prestigious Daily Maverick Environmental Champ of the Year 2023. Dr. Adam received this honor among a distinguished group of finalists, including Clean Creatives and Kumi Naidoo, both of whom demonstrated exceptional commitment to environmental justice.

The recognition from Daily Maverick is a testament to Dr. Adam’s tireless efforts and selfless dedication to protecting the environment and advocating for those affected by environmental injustice. This accolade reflects not only her personal achievements but also the impactful work of WaterCAN in addressing crucial water-related issues.

Julius Kleynhans, Executive Manager for Local Government at OUTA, expressed pride in Dr. Adam’s accomplishment, stating, “We are very proud of Dr. Adam. To receive this recognition is a privilege and it is good to see that her selfless efforts to protect the environment and to support those affected by environmental injustice get recognition.”

Dr. Adam, who also serves on OUTA’s Executive Committee, is at the forefront of the WaterCAN initiative. This program focuses on building a network of citizen science activists committed to being water guardians and stewards, advocating for clean, safe, and sustainable water.

Kleynhans highlighted Dr. Adam’s long-standing activism, dating back to her role as an anti-apartheid activist at the age of 11. He emphasized her ability to bring diverse stakeholders, including business, government, and communities, together to find practical solutions to environmental challenges.

“Through WaterCAN, Dr. Adam has already empowered and helped various communities with regards to drinking water and sewage pollution problems in 2023, and we believe that 2024 will bring even more positive change,” added Kleynhans.

The WaterCAN program’s ultimate goal is to address South Africa’s water management, planning, and quality issues through the responsible use of accurate information. The initiative aims to empower citizens to take an active role in the process, fostering understanding of their rights and holding authorities accountable.

To support Dr. Adam’s work through WaterCAN, please visit https://donate.watercan.org.za/joinnow.

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About WaterCAN:
WaterCAN is a dedicated environmental organisation committed to preserving and protecting South Africa’s water resources. With a mission to promote responsible water management and raise awareness about water quality, the organisation empowers communities to become proactive stewards of their local water sources. If you would like to support our work, kindly Donate Here.

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