WaterCAN tests Joburg water

WaterCAN water testing

WaterCAN tests Joburg water

We carried out 12 tests and all sites showed clean drinkable water

Image: WaterCAN

WaterCAN, an initiative of Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA), has recently conducted testing of water quality at various public points around the City of Johannesburg. The first batch of testing was conducted in Cosmo City, Chartwell, Diepsloot, Morningside, Linbro Park, Lindhurst, Linksfield, Greenside, Linden, Bromhof, and Ruimsig with findings revealing that the water is clean. As part of a comprehensive water quality assessment, our team tested water from 12 different taps across the City of Johannesburg municipality, analysing for contaminants such as E.coli, coliform, nitrates, nitrites, phosphates, metals, pH, chlorine and alkalinity.

“We have received several complaints and concerns about the quality of drinking water and people getting sick in the City of Johannesburg, and we felt that as WaterCAN, we need to test the water and see the results for ourselves,” says Julius Kleynhans, Executive Manager for Social Innovation. “However, it is important for other water organisations and citizen scientists to assist us in testing as well in order to test all the water supply networks throughout the City.”

The City has more than 128 reservoirs and water towers, and WaterCAN aims to test the water quality in every supply area. WaterCAN is committed to providing accurate and reliable data on the quality of drinking water in Johannesburg to raise awareness and address potential issues to safeguard public health.

“It is important to note that the water tests proved the water was clean on the date of consumption. We encourage local community organisations such as ratepayers’ organisations to participate in this process in order to maintain monthly water testing to ensure safe access to clean drinking water to their residents,” says Kleynhans.

If you have any concerns about your drinking water and would like to get involved in this initiative in the City of Johannesburg region, please contact WaterCAN for more information. The test results can be found on WaterCAN’s Map My Water portal, providing access to transparent information about water quality in Johannesburg.

WaterCAN is dedicated to advocating for safe, clean, and accessible drinking water for all residents of Johannesburg. As an initiative of OUTA, an organisation known for its commitment to transparency and accountability, WaterCAN aims to work collaboratively with the community, water organisations, and citizens to ensure that the quality of drinking water in Johannesburg meets or exceeds established standards.


WaterCAN website: www.watercan.org.za 
A soundclip from Julius Kleynhans available here.

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