WaterCAN has partnered with the Women’s Leadership and Training Programme and Adopt-A-River to train and inspire young water champions.


WaterCAN helps the next generation of water champions

In 2023 we held a two-day workshop in the Underberg region for 14 pre-teens and teenagers, aimed at educating and empowering young water champions on water protection, environmental conservation, leadership and taking responsibility for natural resources.

Issues our workshop focused on:

    • Promoting the importance of water as a precious resource and the need to conserve it for future generations.
    • Water safety education, to keep young water champions safe around water.
    • Pollution awareness, how to prevent and mitigate it.
    • Leadership development, including encouraging the water champions to take charge and make a positive impact in their communities through water-related initiatives.
    • Environmental activism and stewardship.
    • Hands-on training in water testing techniques and why this helps community health, to enable them to analyse and assess water quality as citizen scientists.


Activism for water

There was also space for “activism”. The young water champions  held an artivism evening with music, poetry and performance  as a way to express their relationship to water and environment using their newfound knowledge and skills.

The collaboration between WaterCAN, Women’s Leadership, and Adopt-A-River is a stepping stone towards building a generation of environmentally conscious and responsible individuals.