WaterCAN wants you to know the state of your water resources and how to keep watch over them.

We share information about the quality of water needed for drinking, recreational purposes and ecosystem health, and how the public can test this themselves.

We recognise the decline in water and sanitation systems recorded in the recently revived Blue Drop and Green Drop reports, which underscores the importance of citizens taking an active interest in the water they rely on daily.

Join us in these WaterCAN initiatives

    • Water testing: We help citizen scientists to conduct rigorous water testing across South Africa to determine the quality and safety of drinking water sources, rivers and dams. We organise regular field trips to collect water samples and test water from various sources, including tap water, rivers, streams and dams. Our activist citizen science kits are used by activists around the country. We collaborate with accredited laboratories to conduct comprehensive water quality analysis, encompassing parameters such as pH levels, dissolved oxygen, heavy metal contaminants, and bacterial presence (such as E.coli, total coliform and cholera).
    • Data analysis: We collect and compile data from the water testing expeditions, analysing the results to identify trends and potential areas of concern. We encourage people and activists to upload the data onto our Map My Water tool to provide a picture of the state of our water.
    • Training and education: We provide training and educational resources to help organisations and communities to learn about the state of water resources, to understand water quality parameters, testing methodologies and how to understand test results, to identify potential hazards, and to take appropriate action to keep their water resources safe. We develop educational materials and online resources such as guidelines for water testing.
    • Awareness campaigns: We raise public awareness about the importance of clean, safe, equitable water, emphasising the need for organising and mobilising to monitor and safeguard water sources. We use social media, local community outreach programmes and partnerships with other organisations to encourage public participation in water testing initiatives.

Protecting water quality contributes to a healthier environment and a sustainable future. Join us in the journey towards cleaner and safer water in South Africa.