Promoting Water Justice and Accountability: eThekwini Water Monitoring Partnership with Adopt-a-River


Citizen science in the rivers and on the beaches

WaterCAN and Adopt-A-River are working together in the eThekwini Water Monitoring Partnership to promote water justice, healthy water resources and accountability. This project started in August 2022.

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Holding Polluters Accountable for Pollution: WaterCAN’s Criminal Charges Against the City of Johannesburg:


Holding polluters to account: Joburg metro

WaterCAN lays criminal charges against the City of Johannesburg to protect our rivers

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Water testing and training


WaterCAN wants you to know the state of your water resources and how to keep watch over them.

We share information about the quality of water needed for drinking, recreational purposes and ecosystem health, and how the public can test this themselves.
We recognise the decline in water and sanitation systems recorded in the recently revived Blue Drop and Green Drop reports, which underscores the importance of citizens taking an active interest in the water they rely on daily.

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WaterCAN partnership with Women’s Leadership and Adopt-A-River


WaterCAN has partnered with the Women’s Leadership and Training Programme and Adopt-A-River to train and inspire young water champions.

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Residents pleaded with the City of Cape Town to stop the pollution of the Milnerton Lagoon, Diep River estuary and surrounds, but got nowhere. OUTA got involved when the residents’ associations asked for help in putting pressure on the City.

OUTA has arranged independent testing of water samples and these point to the Potsdam Wastewater Treatment Works and other sewerage infrastructure as a key part of the problem.

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OUTA created a  Self Help Guide  through our water expertise which allows you to view the quality of the drinking water in your area according to the DWS system.  View this project to learn how to test your own water quality

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