No Water / Leaks Map

No Water / Leaks Map

Welcome to the No Water / Leaks Map, your go-to online resource for staying informed about water outages and leaks across South Africa. Our map serves as a visual representation of the nation’s water status, fueled by the contributions of citizen scientists like you.

How it works

Use the No Water / Leaks Map to report instances of water shortages or leaks in your area. Your input plays a crucial role in building a comprehensive overview of the water situation in South Africa.

Reporting process

    1. Log in with your existing Map My Water account, or sign up to create a new one by clicking sign up above.
    2. Report where water is unavailable or leaks are detected.
    3. Receive an email check-in every 24 hours to update the status of the reported issue.

Why contribute

While using the No Water / Leaks Map won’t instantly resolve the issues, it empowers us to track and monitor water-related challenges over an extended period. Your collective efforts help us hold relevant authorities accountable, especially in hotspot areas.

Make a Difference:

Join us in building a community dedicated to water awareness and accountability. Your participation ensures that the No Water / Leaks Map becomes a valuable tool in addressing and solving water-related issues across South Africa.

Thank you for being a part of this initiative. Together, we can create a positive impact on the state of water accessibility in our nation.

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