1. General behaviour of users of the Community Action Network and its subsites

      All community organisation member/supporters must act in the best interests of the organisation they represent at all times, in such a way that the credibility and integrity of the organisation they represent, the Community Action Network (CAN) and the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) is not called into question. A management/committee member must perform his/her official functions in good faith, honestly and in a transparent manner.


    1. Community Action Network T&Cs

      All community organisation members/supporters must comply with the Community Action Network Terms and Conditions.


    1. Good and transparent management

      A management/committee member must manage all assets and finances of the community organisation they represent in an honest and transparent manner. A board / committee member must respect and execute the decisions of the board/committee. A management / committee member must generally deal with any other management matter that may have a direct or indirect impact on community organisation in a transparent manner.


    1. Community organisation property

      A management/committee member general member and/or supporter may not use, take, acquire, or acquire any property or asset that the community organisation owns and manages and on which that management/committee member has no right.


    1. Community organisation data

      All data, research, and any other information that a management/committee member receives from the community organisation to which you are a member/supporter, may not be used or obtained for personal benefit. Only the chairperson, treasurer, secretary, or a person mandated by the management may deal with member data.


    1. Personal gain

      A management/committee member may not use the position or privileges of a management/committee member, or confidential information obtained as a management/committee member, for personal gain or to improperly benefit another person. or to harm.


    1. Racism, sexism, and derogatory remarks

      All community organisation members and/or supporters must respect the human dignity of all persons and refrain from any form of racist or sexist statements or discriminatory behaviour. No derogatory terms may also be used to refer to any other person or group.


    1. Politics

      A management/committee member may not use the community organisation structure as a party-political platform and must respect the political views of other members. Intention to hold any party-political office or to stand in any election must be disclosed to the management of the community organisation so that a working method can be agreed, which will ensure that community organisation’s party-political non-alignment is not affected.


    1. Attendance at meetings

      A management/committee member must attend every relevant meeting of the community organisation and of a committee of which that management/committee member is a member, except when leave of absence has been granted; whether a member of the management/committee is required in terms of this Code to withdraw from the meeting.


  1. Disclosure of interests

    A management/committee member must disclose to the management any direct or indirect personal or private business interests that that management/committee member may have in any matter before the management; and withdraw from the proceedings when that matter is considered by the management unless it is decided that the direct or indirect interest of the management/committee member in the matter is insignificant or irrelevant.