Carolina Eco Green and WaterCAN demand safe drinking water for Carolina

Carolina Eco Green and WaterCAN demand safe drinking water for Carolina

Environmental organisation uses WaterCAN water testing kits and finds alarming levels of E.coli and coliform bacteria, but municipality fails to clean up

Source: Imminent Mabuza

Carolina Eco Green, a leading environmental organisation in Carolina, Mpumalanga, is sounding the alarm on the municipality’s persistent neglect of water safety. Despite repeatedly raising concerns about the poor quality of tap water, the municipality fails to respond effectively.

Independent water tests conducted by Carolina Eco Green using WaterCAN testing kits revealed alarming results with high levels of E.coli and coliform bacteria. These bacteria can cause diarrhoea, stomach cramps and nausea.

In September 2023, the organisation formally notified Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality officials by email, urging swift intervention. However, their pleas were met with silence.

The national Department of Water and Sanitation’s Blue Drop Report 2023 paints a concerning picture. Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality received an abysmal score of 19.1%, ranking among the worst in the country.

The Blue Drop report explicitly highlights the “dire state of management and drinking water quality” in Carolina’s water supply system. It places the municipality under regulatory surveillance and instructs the municipal manager to submit a detailed corrective action plan within 20 days of the report being published. This plan should outline activities, responsible personnel, timelines, and anticipated improvements.

“Following months of relentless follow-up, Carolina Eco Green conducted further comprehensive water testing in April 2024. Only then, after confirmation of concerning contamination levels, did the municipality finally acknowledge our efforts. This delay is deeply troubling and raises serious questions about the municipality’s commitment to public health and environmental well-being,” says Imminent Mabuza, spokesperson for the Carolina Eco Green Group.

Carolina’s poor water quality could be improved if the municipality works with the community and prioritises these challenges.

Carolina Eco Green and WaterCAN urge residents to join them in demanding immediate action from the municipality to guarantee safe drinking water for all. “Access to safe drinking water is a fundamental human right. We stand with Carolina Eco Green and the Carolina community in their fight for clean water. Together, we can ensure a healthier future for all,” said WaterCAN’s executive manager Dr Ferrial Adam.

Carolina Eco Green and WaterCAN urges the Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality to:
– Make its own water quality test results readily available to the public.
– Issue a notice warning residents to boil the water if there are high levels of bacteria in the tap water.
– Investigate the contamination of the drinking water and publicly disclose the findings.


SANAS water quality report 

WaterCAN testing kit report

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